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I just wanna ask from the seniors about the platform, that how can we get work over here...

  • DrUnknown
    DrUnknown Level 1
  • 1 4 years ago

    If you were to design a Christmas logo, what designs are you going to put and why? What designs will display the true spirit of Christmas.?

    47 6 years ago

    Graphic design is as much of an art as music, painting, drawing, or sculpting. How do you get your ideas flowing when you need to pitch a project to a client?

  • Janie1994
    Janie1994 Level 1
  • 120 6 years ago

    My first logo design wasn't the best and wasn't the worst either but I can't say it is good because I look back at my first design and I laugh because I can't believe I designed something that bad, lol. If I am to r...

    53 6 years ago

    I was curious so I cheked the most iconic brand logos in the world and my search came up with the top 5: Starbucks, Nike, McDonald's, Pepsi, and Apple. I got to thinking, there are some brands that have kind of a hidden ...

    53 6 years ago

    Photoshop is undoubtedly the best graphic designing program. GIMP is often touted as a free photoshop. If you have used both, how do you compare these programs?

  • vinaya
    vinaya Level 1
  • 42 6 years ago

    19 February 1990 1989 I'm a 90's person and my first software that I used is Paint. It might be somewhat funny but Pain is built in from Windows before and Photoshop and CorelDraw is not that popular before. Bases ...

  • kinja90
    kinja90 Level 1
  • 60 6 years ago

    I have this idea of creating a site where customers would go if they need a corporate or business logo. I know that there are a lot of sites which offers templates in making your own logo. But I'm talking about origi...

  • Kakashi2020
    Kakashi2020 Level 1
  • 51 6 years ago

    I am not a graphic designer, but a web developer. Sometimes I help clients to create websites too. I am often asked to help them create a logo for their company website, if they haven't have a company logo yet. I always ...

  • kaka135
    kaka135 Level 1
  • 50 6 years ago

    While getting a trade mark registered is a long drawn process, is creating trade mark symbols using the keyboard considered legal, specially the registered trade mark? How will anyone know that it is a symbol created...

  • iamawriter
    iamawriter Level 1
  • 38 7 years ago

    For me, I would probably go for the vectorize(Adobe AI) one, but the pixelated(Photoshop) one is the most used because of it's convenient on easy and fast you can learn from using it. In terms of creating a logo, vectori...

  • gelotologist
    gelotologist Level 1
  • 30 7 years ago

    If you check online, you can find numerous logo designing websites. Few clicks and you can create a wonderful logo, however, in order to download these logos, you have to pay a price. You are asked to pay as much as $70 ...

  • vinaya
    vinaya Level 1
  • 51 7 years ago

    What do your social media pages or even blogs say about you. Do you have a clear image on what you are about? Do you have a logo about your business or personal blog! Have A Quick Coffee Then Time for A Makeover ...

  • keen2write
    keen2write Level 1
  • 52 7 years ago

    What do you look for in a good logo at a website? What should a logo do to really appeal to you and to be memorable?

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 35 7 years ago

    This might be an off the wall question, but does anyone know if there are "logo generators" out there online? In other words, is there a place I could go and plug in information about my business and have it generate ran...

  • JoeMilford
    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 36 7 years ago

    Sometimes the appearance and design of the business itself can be a massive factor for a customer when deciding whether to visit/buy from them. Because of this your logo should resemble something that is professional, we...

  • DarthHazard
    DarthHazard Level 1
  • 34 7 years ago

    So you may know just how profitable the banner and logo design industry can be. Over the years we've seen many ways in which people can make money from selling and providing banner and logo creation. But you might be sur...

  • idealmike
    idealmike Level X3
  • 20 7 years ago

    Last month, I had an opportunity to contribute my ideas to anewly formed company as a marketer from a marketing point of view. The company invests in Inexpensive stocks and fully depended on foreign profits. My first im...

  • OptimismSEO
    OptimismSEO Level 1
  • 10 7 years ago

    Have you ever entered a won a logo contest? Or even started your own logo contest and bought a logo that way? They're a great way to get a logo made for you by different people so that you always end up with a fair bit...

  • idealmike
    idealmike Level X3
  • 17 8 years ago