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Hi fellow community member, I am new to this art form and was wondering what software do you use for digital painting. I have seen and used Corel painter for fun but haven't had any experience with other softwares out...

  • JBeleren
    JBeleren Level 1
  • 27 5 years ago

    How many of you have heard of Sand Art? I believe its one of the toughest forms of art and really hard to master. We have very few sand artists in the world which makes them stand out from the rest. They carefully build ...

    79 5 years ago

    Hello all, I was wondering if an optical illusion could be created on a business card. I am planning to make my own visiting card and I want to innovate. I am planning of creating an optical illusion on it so that it wou...

    66 5 years ago

    My favorite digital artist is Natalie Shau, she is a media artist specialising in digital illustration. I love her because her works has depths and stories, she is really a good digital artist. This is one of her...

  • allyn2017
    allyn2017 Level 1
  • 76 6 years ago

    A friend of mine asked me to contribute some cute pixel art for a retro game that he is making. I have created something similar before but this time need to ensure the pixel art is a little larger. My biggest issue is...

  • Minolta
    Minolta Level 1
  • 17 7 years ago