What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?

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What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?

Welcome to PixelClerks.com! In fact, welcome to the first Community Discussion post on Pixel Clerks! Here we want to introduce you to Pixel Clerks, and tell you a little about what this site is about, how it works, who it's for and why you should care. Just in case you was interested! What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?
What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?
And you should be! If you are anyone that works in the art and design, graphic, logo, banner, flyer and image creation industry. Whether you're someone that provides logo, banner and image creation services of any kind. Then Pixel Clerks is for you! Pixel Clerks is where you need to be!

In fact, more than that, Pixel Clerks covers virtually every kind of image creation service you can find. Both for buyers and for sellers. For buyers to find sellers and providers of such services, all in a very safe and secure marketplace you can rely and depend on.

Pixel Clerks is an Ionicware website, and as such as it's powered and ran by an amazing support team who know and love what they're doing. Who also have many years experience in bringing together buyers and sellers and providing them with a safe, secure and very easy to use marketplace to get whatever they need. Especially when it comes to buying and selling graphics, images, logos, banners and much more! Much much more in fact. Let's talk about some the image design services you can buy (and sell) here on Pixel Clerks. What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?

A Breakdown of The Pixel Clerks Categories

Do you need an animated image of some kind? Perhaps some animated moving text? Or some other small or large animated image? Then the Animations category is where you'll find it! Here you can find sellers who are providing animation services of all kinds.

Banner Ads
Everyone knows what banner ads are! They come in very handy for advertising something. Whether it's a horizontal or a vertical banner ad, or just a small 125x125 banner ad. In the Banner Ads category, you can find sellers providing this to you.

Book Covers
Just written a book or even an eBook and need a cover for it? Here you can hire a graphic designer to create an book (or eBook) cover for you! They say never judge a book by its cover, but the cover of your book is the first thing people see when they pick it up. Make sure it rocks by buying book covers here!

Business Cards/Stationery
Every business needs business cards! Whether it's a small new business just starting out, or even a fully blown, fully established business. Business cards come in very handy when you want to drum up some business. To hand them out to people you pitch here and there. Here you can buy business cards and other business stationary.

Everyone loves cartoons! They're goofy and they're fun. They can be for kids, and they can be for adults too. In the Cartoons category, you can buy cartoons! Find someone that offers and sells cartoon creation of all kind. Give them your script and within a week or two, you could be watching it on Nickelodeon?

Comics and Manga
Again, comics and manga, (anime etc), everyone loves it! But if you're looking for someone to create you a comic or some manga or anime type film, here you can find talented comic and manga designers that will be able to do it for you!

Digital Painting
Digital painting is basically painting but it's drawn digitally instead of using real paint and a canvass. Here you can find digital painters that have the equipment and the talent and skills you need to paint you a picture digitally.

Flyers and Posters
If you need flyers or posters for whatever project at all. Whether it's to promote something like your new business or event even. Here you can find professional flyer and poster designers and creators that will be able to make them for you.

Infographics are a relatively new concept. And oh boy are they viral! They are extremely informative and fun to read and look at. They get shared like wildfire around the Internet. In the Infographics category you can find professional Infographic creation services by professional Infographic designers.

Logo Design
Need a logo for your new website? Get a logo for your new website! In the Logo Design category, you will find many professional logo designers that can make you the perfect logo for your business, or for any purpose!

Ahh the other category, the place to find services that don't really belong anywhere else. Those strange and weird image design services that are still genuine and real, but a little bit out there to belong anywhere else!

Photography and Photographs
Need some photography? Maybe you want some photos of something taken? Some nice sunsets or some cute puppies? In the Photography and Photographs category, you can hire someone to take photos of things for you. Which you can then use on your own site, or for your own projects, whatever they are!

Social Graphics, Covers, Logos and Memes
Everyone wants their social profile to look as best as it can. And sometimes you want it to look unique as well. Whether it's a Facebook cover or a Twitter cover or something else. The Social Graphics/Covers/Logos/Memes is where you'll be able to find someone who is selling and providing that as a service. I personally think that there should be a separate memes category but I'm a sucker for a funny meme!

I mean come on! It's funny right!?
What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?

Got a cool idea for a t-shirt? Or maybe you need some custom t-shirts made up for your campaign or future event that you or your business is holding so that people can wear them and show their support. In the T-shirts category you will be able to find such people selling such service as these and all things t-shirt!

Website Design & Graphics
Similar to the Logo Design category. Here you can buy website graphic design services from independent and professional web graphic designers. Whether you need a simple button made, or something else entirely, here is where you'll be able to get it!

And Now You Know!

And that about completes our overview of what Pixel Clerks is, why you should care and a breakdown of the various categories here that make up the Pixel Clerks marketplace! I hope that you find this useful, and I'm sure that you'll find Pixel Clerks useful too! Whatever you need it for! What is The Pixel Clerks Marketplace and Why Should You Care?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!




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Mike! - This is amazing. Thank you very much for sharing this very detailed information. Ionicware should definitely use this (and you should obviously do something similar to the other marketplaces too!), as a "guide" or something. This was superb and I enjoyed reading it like I usually do whenever you're writing something.

That being said, I definitely wish that PixelClerks will be huge, and I'll do whatever I can to help us all to kick-start this new marketplace. I'm looking forward to the near future when I'll be using PixelClerks frequently!

Thank you once again!

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Cheers Andre! And yes, I agree. I do actually plan to post something similar on WordClerks too. Perhaps something like it for Listing Dock as well. I find it fun to write and educational at the same time. But if people ever need to know what each category is for, and how it can benefit them, as a buyer and or a seller, they can come here and see this. Perhaps we could make it a sticky post but there's only 2 posts in the CD here at the moment so not really any point? Lol.. But what I actually plan to do, is create a new post for each category and talk about some of the ways each of the categories here can help you as a buyer, or a as a seller or freelancer and the like.

I'm actually really looking forward to doing that and am going to make a start on it really soon!

Watch this space!



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I am on four ionicware sites, SEO Clerks, Listing Dock, Superior Than and Pixel Clerk. I am more active on SEO clerk than other sites. While on Superior than and listing dock, I participate only in the discussion, I am using seo clerks and pixel clerks to sell my services. I have not sold anything on pixel clerks, but have managed to make good money on seo clerk.

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Same here. So far, I've been using the 4 platforms for a while, and I really like them all, I tend to prefer word clerks and listing dock, but anyway I've learned a lot in all of them. Just like you, I haven't used Pixel clerks for selling/buying, but for posting and take good advice and great tips.

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I have listed a service on wordclerk. However, I have not sold my service yet. I have sold more on seo clerks than any other site. I participate in the discussion on seo clerks, pixel clerks, listng dock and superior than, however, I have not participated on word clerk discussions. I have listed a service here but haven't sold anything yet.

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This is amazing. I cannot believe am reading a 2016 post. It is as if it was written yesterday. Pixelerks is a place to be.

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Yes mike you described it so crystal clear and great post mate. I am new here from seoclerks seems a good site here and I like the idea with logo designs and animations . Suppose we could make animation videos would we be able to do this for buyers create a animated video.

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Me too, newbie here as well. As a fan of art or anything related to it's platform, I'm so glad and excited to be part of this forum, like I want learn more, explore more and have many ideas from the experts on this platform. And this is a well explained post for describing the pixelclerks community. Well done!

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Great introduction. I'm excited to participate in community discussions.

It's interesting to know that there are book cover topics. Lots of writers are constantly looking for good covers for their new books. I'm sure they'll find this service helpful. Hope they like it.

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Thanks for this awesome post. I thought you were a staff member of PixelClerks for a moment because of detailed and well presented the post was. I'll be definitely ordering some services from here because I actually need some graphics designed for my gaming social network that I am currently developing.

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You have really provided anyone coming to this site with a crystal clear explanation of the possibilities, concerns, ideas, and exchanges here. You also described everything here in such a positive and upbeat way that it made me even more interested in the site by the time I finished reading your entire post. I definitely need some graphic design for my eBook covers, and i am intrigued about what i am going to find and learn here as time passes by and I become a regular visitor.

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I sometimes feel sad that PixelClerks isn't getting enough attention and visits from the outside world. :'( The names here that I am seeing are the only ones that keep on coming back thus making the community feel slow and lacks new and informative posts.

I would suggest everyone to make new threads and be as informative as you can to keep this wonderful community forum going strong.

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Agree, I think we are watching the same visitors over and over. I have to say I've been trying to post new threads, but I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, or if I have to wait long for being approved. It always turned out my thread has to be approved, and I've been waiting several times, and can't see any of my new threads here.

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Soon or sooner this forum will run smoothly, for me I suggest you should add some interactive graphic that can attract people in your forum, and add some topic of this thread that can people relate in our society that's my suggestion, and give us informative threads. by the way thanks for this forum.

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I agree with you on this. I see the forum growing from strength to strength and adding interactive graphics can go a long way to help on that as well.

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