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What do you think of this photo-sharing platform/social media? People say it's similar to Instagram except it's ad-free and the home feed is in chronological order. I tried it when it came out, I liked the interface an...

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    ivandelrey Level 1
  • 55 4 years ago

    What I love about memes is that it's just short funny videos or just images with a few funny phrases or sentences on it. It doesn't take a lot of time to finish and/or watch those kind of stuffs and it's so funny.

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    davedaot04 Level 1
  • 72 4 years ago

    We all love to take our Selfies and post them on Social Media from time to time. It is always great to receive some appreciation and positive comments from our friends and family on special occasions. However, in some ca...

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    jpk0007 Level 1
  • 123 4 years ago

    The #HobbyLobbyChallenge is a photography trend that's spreading across social media right now. Being that in the U.S., natural flowers are hard to come by for photography (it being winter and all), some photographers ha...

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    TheArticulate Level 1
  • 59 4 years ago